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SHOR / शोर / شور                                                                                                       noise, outcry, tumult


                                                                  are you listening? 

SHOR is a community platform for sharing art and culture. We bring together  a cross-cultural community of creative practitioners, artists, thinkers, and listeners, across ages, connecting them through shared experiences.  We value personal lived experience, and believe in the power of storytelling as a way of sparking new thinking, creating connections and sharing knowledge. We are currently based out of London, but we invite people across the world to engage with us through our online presence and in-person meetups across the city. 

Noise engulfs us in its embrace every passing moment. When we are on the street, on the train, out amidst nature or tucked away inside our homes. There are voices from passersby, sounds broadcasted from screens, the occasional melody of music, the lull of changing seasons, and the chatter of daily life.  Sometimes the noise is created within the mind. We constantly live with a soundscape of thoughts, emotions, sounds, transforming, echoing, bouncing back and forth  inside our heads: a mutation of lived experience, memory and imagination. There are times we need to be creating the noise, at times silence is damaging and we need to speak up and raise our voice. Yet, often, taking a step back to listen, unpacking the layers, and filtering through what already exists, can cut through the clutter and uncover whispers that we didn’t even know existed. 


At SHOR we see noise as a cross-cultural metaphor for our experience of life, culture and art. We see art as inseparable from life and our experience of the world around us. We welcome all interpretations of noise, and invite you to expand horizons of thought, interpretation and expression. 

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