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Shor is a digital publication featuring cross-cultural stories and meditations on art, history, travel and literature. 


The Hindi word 'shor' directly translates to 'noise’. Through this platform, we want to highlight the  different interpretations of this noise. Whether that's listening to the 'noise' that. surrounds us in our daily lives, and unpacking the different nuanced elements that create it; whether it is being able to filter through noise, external and internal, and finding your voice, listening to your emotions. Noise, as much as it is often typecast, should not only have negative connotations; sometimes to be heard, there is a need to make noise, a need to speak out. We welcome all interpretations of shor, and encourage discussion; talk, listen, & reflect. 

Shor is currently based between London and New Delhi but our contributors span across nations and cultures. 

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